Introducing Answers Kit

by Brian Swift, Product Manager

When we launched Answers as part of Crashlytics in the summer of 2014, our mission was to build an analytics solution you didn’t need to analyze. Now the #1 mobile analytics SDK on iOS, we’ve since built out Answers even further with new features like Answers Events and Audience Insights. Along the way, we've noticed that app developers aren't the only ones hungry for in-depth and real-time analytics — it’s everyone from app marketers to executives driving key decisions to grow their businesses.

So to better serve all stakeholders in the development lifecycle, we’re thrilled today to officially release Answers Kit a standalone, installable kit on Fabric for both iOS and Android.

With Answers as its own kit, you’ll have the flexibility to use Answers as a standalone service. For app marketers and product managers, you can now leverage Answers by itself -- and its features like Audience Insights -- to directly influence the impact you’re making on growth and revenue. If you use Cocoapods, you'll be able to install Answers with just a few clicks, just like Fabric.

If you already have Crashlytics installed through Fabric, you won’t need to install the Answers Kit separately (We'll confirm that you already have Answers Kit within the Mac app/Android IDE plugin). You can still enable Answers in one click on your Fabric dashboard, just like before.

Part of Answers’ “coming of age” story is continuing to make huge strides in simplifying mobile analytics. We’ve been humbled by your support in the short amount of time since Answers’ inception, and look forward to building the future with you!