The future of Fabric: unveiling our roadmap & migration flow

By Jason St. Pierre, Product Manager & Kristen Johnson, Product Lead for App Quality

Fabric integration timeline overview.png

We’re beginning a new chapter with Firebase. Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to bring the best of the Fabric and Firebase platforms together in a thoughtful way with the goal of giving you one central place to build, improve, and grow your apps. While we’ve kept you informed about our progress at events like Google I/O and Firebase Dev Summit, we wanted to take our commitment to transparency further so you can better prepare.

To that end, we have two big exciting announcements:

  1. You can begin migrating to Firebase.
    We’ve integrated the tools and features you love about Fabric (including our best-in-class crash reporter, Crashlytics) right into the Firebase console, and made many improvements to them capitalizing on Firebase’s strengths.

  2. We’re unveiling our migration roadmap.
    This roadmap is designed to give you full visibility into what we’re building, what we plan to launch next, and what actions we recommend you take.

We invite you to begin the journey to Firebase, your upgraded home, and check out our plans for the future!

Use the best of Fabric in Firebase

Firebase is Google’s mobile app development platform that helps you across the entire lifecycle of your app, with smart analytics embedded throughout. Now, it also includes your favorite Fabric tools.

For example, Crashlytics is now available in Firebase, where you can take advantage of new integrations that allow you to export your crash data for custom analysis in BigQuery, trigger workflows, and get insights into the events that led up to a crash. We’ve also evolved Digits into Firebase phone authentication so you can continue to authenticate users without issue. We’ve even added realtime metrics to the latest release section in Firebase, meaning you can continue to monitor your latest builds with confidence.

In the coming months, we’ll be bringing the functionality of Crashlytics Beta, the service you’ve used to distribute pre-release iOS and Android apps, to Firebase. We’ll keep you posted on our progress through the migration roadmap!

Access powerful new tools in Firebase

Not only does Firebase include the best of Fabric, it also offers you brand new capabilities that were not previously available on our platform. With Firebase, you can harness the power of machine learning, test your app on a variety of devices hosted on Google’s cloud, and group your users by their predicted behavior!

Firebase, like Fabric, makes app development faster, easier, and painless.

Fabric meet Firebase .png

Begin the migration to your new home

All Fabric customers can now start to migrate their app and teams to Firebase by going to their Fabric dashboard and clicking on the Firebase icon in the left-hand navigation. We recommend you begin this process soon so you can take advantage of all of the great things we are building for you over in Firebase!

Fabric to Firebase migration flow in dashboard.png

We’ve made the migration process as smooth as possible. It involves three main steps:

  1. Link your apps to Firebase

  2. Check out Crashlytics in Firebase and install the core Firebase SDK

  3. Invite your team to Firebase

Note: If you previously linked Answers to Firebase, you’ve already done part of the work. To fully migrate to Firebase, you’ll still need to complete this linking flow.

Get insight into the future of Fabric

We’ll continue to support Fabric until the end of 2019, to give you plenty of time to migrate your apps and business to Firebase - but please plan your transition accordingly.

To stay up to date on the migration, check out our roadmap periodically, which sheds light on which products we’ve implemented in Firebase and what’s next.