Announcing Crashlytics Integrations

by Jason St. Pierre, Product Manager


We're thrilled to announce Crashlytics Integrations -- seamlessly send your Crashlytics issues to your favorite issue tracker!

Crashlytics Intelligence + Workflow you already use = Productivity Win

With Crashlytics Integrations, you get all of the power of our industry-leading crash analysis platform seamlessly integrated into the issue tracking tools you already have, enabling a single-glance view at your outstanding issues. When it's time to debug, simply jump directly from your issue tracker to the Crashlytics dashboard to get a deep dive into the data.

You're in control

We care about signal-to-noise ratio -- we made sure to build an easy to use control panel so that you're in full control over when you receive issue updates. By default, we only send along an issue when it reaches Impact Level 2 or higher. However, you can change this to be as verbose as you want.

Launch Integrations

We're launching Integrations with five of the most-requested offerings. They are:

  • JIRA 5
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Redmine
  • PagerDuty
  • Web Hooks

You may be familiar with the first four. The fifth, Web Hooks, is a unique integration that you can use to connect Crashlytics with whatever kind of system you want. We'll simply POST information to a URL of your choosing, in JSON format. This is great for triggering custom events inside your own development infrastructure or behind your firewall!


Your options don't stop there. Faced with the endless array of third-party bug trackers and project management tools available today, it wouldn't make sense to artificially limit what you can use!

We're excited to announce that, starting today, we have open-sourced our Integrations implementation so that you can build your own experience and ensure Crashlytics fits seamlessly into your development workflow, whatever it may be. Head on over to GitHub and fork crashlytics-services to get started. We're looking forward to rolling out the best contributions for everyone to benefit from!

Feedback Welcome

Our goal is to make Crashlytics Integrations as useful as possible for you and leverage the incredible infrastructure we've built along with the tools you use everyday to make finding and fixing issues in your apps painless.

We're just getting started, and we'd love to hear feedback on how we can make this even better for you. Shoot us an email through Support -- as you know, we read each and every email that comes through.

Join the Team

Interested in diving-deep into these and other workflow-enhancing challenges?  We’re hiring!  Give us a shout at You can stay up to date with all our progress on TwitterFacebook, and Google+.