Crashlytics Enterprise Is Now Free

by Wayne Chang, Co-founder

 Crashlytics Enterprise

Crashlytics gives mobile app developers insight into their apps’ performance, so you can pinpoint and fix issues quickly and easily. In addition to the main Crashlytics product, we’ve also offered Crashlytics Enterprise, which we introduced for those who wanted even more robust reporting and workflow integration, among other features.

Now all developers can have the best tools to identify and fix issues — we’re folding the features of Crashlytics Enterprise into Crashlytics. The enterprise features will be available to all – for free.

With Crashlytics Enterprise, there are no usage costs, fees, or limits when it comes to your app’s performance monitoring. The features and usage we used to charge for based on limits are now unlimited across the board. This means that you no longer need to worry about numbers like monthly active users, disk space or API limits. And since Crashlytics Enterprise has no limits, you can add as many apps and developer seats as your team needs.

In the future, all new Crashlytics accounts will be automatically upgraded to the unlimited, free version of the product; existing users have already been transitioned. And the capabilities of Crashlytics Enterprise don’t stop here. Working with Twitter, we’ll continue to develop new features even faster.

Try Crashlytics in your app now!


Wayne Chang