Sharing is Caring: How to Collaborate and Build an All-Star App

by Brian Lynn, Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Crashlytics Shareable ReportsThere’s an age-old saying: talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Here at Crashlytics, we made it our goal to help you and your team collaborate to build amazing and the most stable apps, so that you can hit a homerun...Bottom-of-the-9th-walkoff-1988-World-Series style!

Developers who use Crashlytics have been able to find and fix their bugs with tremendously less effort, thanks to our real-time reports that intelligently prioritize issues. But like any MVP, even the brightest developers run into hurdles at some point and need help from their team. So we set out to make our crash reports shareable, giving you the power to fix the most challenging bugs in minimal time.

Detailed, Easy-to-Share Crash Reports

As a Crashlytics user, in just a simple click of a button, you can share the intricate details of each issue with your team -- without even leaving the admin dashboard.

Crashlytics Shareable Crash Reports

You can also collaborate with your team to fix incoming bugs in real-time, either by sharing the report via the email button, or using the sexy short link ( in your favorite IRC client. While it may not be exactly what James Earl Jones said in Field of Dreams, developers now have a new motto: "if you share it, they will help."

Beyond Your Team's Expertise

It’s clear that collaboration is key to building awesome apps. Beyond just your team, you can now tap into the expertise within the developer community. With the short direct link, you can share your crash report on sites like Stackoverflow, without having to format code blocks or type out any cumbersome device information.

Many top apps have already started sharing their crash reports, and absolutely love the feature. In their words:


Joe Scott - BroakenMedia

"This feature has already proven extremely useful. Not only can i show the exception to my team, but also post it on StackOverflow with greater context and finite details, which makes it more likely for others to be able to help!"



Joe Scott - BroakenMedia

"The sharing feature is 
so simple yet extremely helpful. We can now quickly share 
crash reports within our team, as well as with 3rd party SDK developers and others within the community, all the while keeping our 
data private!"



Joe Scott - BroakenMedia

"Sharing is great when we need to attach crash logs to Apple bug reports, especially when we can't reproduce the crashes locally. All we have to do is copy and paste, and Apple receives a perfectly symbolicated crash log. Perfect!"


Imagine getting feedback from developers who know their craft; it’s like having thousands of John Maddens, live on ESPN, in your pocket, always--if John Madden only ever gave you super constructive feedback on your code!

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Private and Secure

We understand that sharing your crashes can be a sensitive subject. No worries! Our shared reports show only the information that will be most helpful for you in resolving the issues. Each one comes with the usual deliciousness that you could expect: stacktraces, device state, operating systems etc. We don’t share the total volume of crashes, or the number of users that were affected. Also, you can always make your crash report private with one click, after having shared it publicly.

Crashlytics Shareable Crash Reports

We’re developers too, so we know that you enjoy sharing big challenges that you solved, especially the really hard problems from OS nuances, 3rd party libraries, or tricky workarounds.

Despite #23’s multiple MVP seasons (that’s Michael Jordan for anyone who doesn’t speak sports…), he too recognized the need for a strong team to win those back-to-back championships. That’s where we come in; we build tools to help you solve big challenges with your team and the help of the community, so your app continues to win in the big leagues!


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