Launching Crashlytics for Android Studio

by Marc Richards, Engineering Manager


Crashlytics for Android Studio

We’re extremely excited to announce the release of Crashlytics for Android Studio!

At Crashlytics, we are passionate about building tools that developers love. When Android Studio was first announced at Google I/O this year, it immediately caught our eye. You could even say that Android Studio is the most Android-centric development environment, the next big thing, “the new black”! Well enough hype, let's get to the good stuff!

Everything You Need - Everything You Love

Our existing plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ provide seamless integration with Crashlytics for real-time issue browsing, adding our SDK to new apps, and more. For Android Studio, not only do we deliver the same powerful features, but also provide native support for Gradle-based builds. It is everything you love about Crashlytics for Android, now integrated seamlessly into your Android Studio workflow!

Don’t take our word for it:

"Crashlytics allows us to work more efficiently to fix and reproduce these situations. With our recent migration over to Android Studio, it offers amazing diagnostics for such a lightweight library. The plugin works seamlessly with Gradle and your project can be setup within a couple of minutes."



"The Android Studio Crashlytics Setup is just as simple (and shiny) as the Xcode equivalent. Click the button on the toolbar, follow the super-easy instructions, hit build, and the plugin will set everything up for you on your account. It almost makes you want your app to crash, just so you can try it all out!"



"Crashlytics for Android Studio has helped us develop, test and release our new app IT Manager Android app in record time. Since it's impossible for any developer to test their app on every Android device, Crashylitics gave us the confidence to launch on Android knowing that we could find the cause of and fix crashes quickly."


Whether you’re new to Crashlytics for Android or migrating from a different IDE, you’ll find that our Android Studio plugin has been crafted to give you the best Crashlytics experience, without ever having to leave Android Studio!

Here are a few highlights:

Robust Gradle Support - Exclusive to Crashlytics for Android Studio

Managing complex app builds with IntelliJ and Eclipse can be tricky due to their opaque Android builders. Delegating to Ant or Maven solves some problems but causes you to lose tight integration with your IDE. Android Studio solved this problem by natively delegating build automation to Gradle, providing consistency and supporting a wide variety of build configurations without a lot of overhead.

We’ve supported Gradle for command line builds ever since we launched Crashlytics for Android. As Gradle’s Android plugin has matured, we are very proud and excited to extend this support into our Android Studio plugin!

Crashlytics for Android Studio

Fully Automated Deobfuscation

ProGuard is an awesome tool, but we all know that tracking your mappings files and manually retracing your stack traces is a tedious pain in the you-know-what. We’ve brought our amazing zero-step, completely automated ProGuard deobfuscation to Android Studio. This saves you valuable time to grab a Red Bull, browse Hacker News, or you know, fix those bugs!

Beauty and Elegance

Let’s face it: developer tools aren’t known for looking pretty. It doesn’t have to be this way! Everyday, you are working hard to delight your users with beautiful, groundbreaking app experiences. We think you deserve the same, so we took this opportunity to revisit the shared interface of all of our plugins for Android Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ. We created a more dynamic, responsive, and enjoyable flow for all developers, regardless of your IDE of choice.

We are really excited to get Crashlytics for Android Studio into the hands of developers around the world. Since May this year, thousands of companies have been using our Android SDK in their apps. Our customers include:

Crashlytics Customers

We're proud of the tools we deliver to help make your Android development even more powerful. We're excited to hear what you think of Crashlytics for Android Studio. Sign up for Crashlytics and send us your feedback, we're always listening!

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