From Crashlytics Labs: Announcing Crashlytics for OS X

by Wayne Chang, Co-founder

When we first launched Crashlytics, we started by solving the problem of crash reporting for iOS and Android developers. Since then, many of you have expressed interest in a crash reporting solution that supports both iOS and Mac apps -- and we've answered your request!

At Crashlytics, our passion has always been to deliver the most powerful developer tools, so that you only need to focus on building awesome apps. Even after opening access to our Beta Distribution service in February, we managed to have a little downtime and kept ourselves busy experimenting in Crashlytics Labs. Now, we’re excited to announce our latest Labs project: Crashlytics for OS X.

Our new support for OS X apps provides the same award-winning experience that you’ve come to expect from us, starting with the seamless install experience to the actionable insights, down to the exact line of code that caused your Mac app to crash. With easy-to-digest stack traces and an upgraded settings dashboard, you can seamlessly manage all your apps under one roof. We’ve been privately testing our Mac support with hundreds of developers, and we’re very thankful to everyone who’s given us feedback.

From our friends at Buffer:

We've been using Crashlytics for our iOS & Android apps for a while and now we're spoiled with the same amazing reporting for Mac. Crashlytics allows us to hunt down pesky crashes across all of our supported platforms, you'd have to be mad not to use it.

Andrew Yates,

We're excited for you to try out our latest Labs project, and can't wait for your feedback as we continue to tweak and enhance its functionalities. To check it out, simply add your Mac app using our plugin or, if you have yet to experience the power of Crashlytics, sign up here.