Just in: Crashlytics #1 in Performance, Answers #2 in Mobile Analytics

by Wayne Chang, Co-founder

When Jeff and I started Crashlytics back in 2011, we were on a mission to help developers build the best apps. Since every app crashes, we started with crash reporting and then built other services like Beta by Crashlytics, our easy and fun beta distribution tool, and Answers, our focused, real-time approach to mobile analytics.

Four years later, Crashlytics has seen over 1 million apps integrate its crash reporting SDK, and it was recently named the most implemented performance SDK by SourceDNA. Not only is it the most implemented - we’re more than #2-6 combined! We’re extremely grateful for all your support as we continue to build the best in mobile crash reporting.

Not just Crashlytics, Answers too

We launched Answers last summer, and 10 months later we’re proud to announce that SourceDNA has also reported that Answers ranks as #2 on iOS and #3 on Androidin the mobile analytics space.

From SourceDNA:

Twitter’s efforts in the mobile ecosystem are clearly paying off. Their tools are some of the most implemented in apps that we’re seeing. It’s a clear sign that they are really making an impact and leading the way with mobile.


We’re humbled, thrilled, and ecstatic with the positive reaction for both Crashlytics and Answers. We look forward to continuing our mission of building services that you love.