Introducing Answers Events

by Brian Swift, Product Manager

Just last week, we celebrated Answers’ first birthday. Today, we are excited to unveil Answer’s next generation.

With Answers now ranked as the #2 mobile analytics solution, we’ve been humbled by your support, but knew there was more we could do to make Answers even more powerful. That’s why, two months ago, we opened access to our public beta for custom events at Answers Labs. After testing with hundreds of top developers and building out the feature even further, we’re thrilled to officially release Answers Events today

Understand the events that truly matter. Right now.

Answers Events empowers you to track specific actions and events so you can see exactly how users are behaving within your app — in real time. But that’s just the beginning. Other mobile analytics tools leave you on your own to figure out what you should track and where your analysis can have the most impact. Those solutions treat all of your app events the same, regardless of their type, which means you have to sift through all events yourself in order to understand what all that data means

After listening to your feedback and examining our data, we’ve identified a set of core events and actions that we believe a majority of app developers will want to track! This lets Answers guide you through the setup process right from the dashboard, so you can start tracking the most important actions in your app right away.


With Answers Events, our APIs know exactly what you are tracking, which allows us to give you deep analyses that help you understand the key drivers of your business.

We run the Answers dashboard for iOS and Android along our wall, and we continually keep track of interesting metrics including crash rate, app sessions, performance, memory warnings, and more. Answers has improved our ability to deliver quality in our mobile apps

Answers is a supremely easy-to-use tool for tracking specific events in our app. From core user actions such as signup to app-sharing or specific business features, it makes tracking easy and has even helped us to take a number of important decisions in real-time. Answers is an important tool to support our mobile growth efforts!


Track any event you want

Every app is unique, and so even though Answers Events focuses your analysis on the actions with the most impact, you may also need to track something extremely tailored and specific to your use-case. With Answers, you can track any actions or events critical to your business through our custom event API. Just like the other events, custom events are built right into your dashboard, and you’ll have full reign to customize them to what's important to you.


Total visibility. We’ll recommend data points for you.

Let’s run through an example. Imagine you're working on a gaming app, and tracking in-app purchases is paramount to your success. With Answers, you can start tracking purchase events with just a few lines of code. On top of that, we’ll proactively suggest values that may be important for you to track, including:

  • price

  • currency

  • success rate

  • itemName

  • itemType

  • itemId

We also accept both numeric and string attributes and automatically tailor our reporting based on your choices, to make sure our reporting is specific to those attributes. From these attributes, we’ll automatically generate detailed reports like daily revenue, number of items purchased and other critical data points. You won’t have to work to get the granularity you need — we’ve done that for you.

For purchase events, your dashboard is tailored to focus on the data that matters most. To provide the best experience, we’ll continue tailoring dashboards for more predefined events over the coming months. From the type of event to the actual values you want to track, we’ll tell you what’s important within your key events so you don’t have to analyze them.

See the most impactful events at a glance

Many apps have dozens of events that are important to track, and the last thing you want is to triage through clunky pages just to hunt down the most critical events. With Answers, we automatically show your top event within one of the main tabs on your dashboard — along with a sparkline so you can see how well your event is doing at a quick glance.

On your Events dashboard, we show you a list of your events — ranked by impact — with sparkline graphs for quick glances, along with how many events and how many unique users are also performing that action. Now, you can see the pulse of your app and focus on the most important actions your users are taking. If you want to jump straight to a specific event, simply use our dynamic search bar and your dashboard will quickly return the events you’re looking for — without reloading the page!

Start tracking in (literally) seconds

Getting started with Answers Events is a breeze. You can enable tracking of any event with just a few lines code. We’ll also walk you through it right within the dashboard — no need to dive through endless pages of docs.

To get Answers Events, simply enable the feature within your dashboard:

We have lots of exciting new features and upgrades on our roadmap over the coming months, so stay tuned for more. As usual, feel free to send us thoughts or feedback — we’re always listening.