Answers August Update

by Brian Swift, Product Manager

In August, our team shipped a ton of features so you can spend less time worrying about data, and more time understanding and taking action where you need to.

Crash-free users and sessions by build

You’ve shipped a build. Congrats! A few more releases come along, and now you have a bunch of builds, each with its own significance. Previously, when you logged into the Answers dashboard you would see an aggregated view of crash-free users to get a quick sense of your app’s stability. In August, we built in the ability for you to see crash-free users and sessions by build.

Now, you can dive into each build and see the crashes affecting its stability. You can also see how each build is trending over time. Being able to see stability by build will let you fix the most important issues and help you understand key trends that reflect the experience your users are having.

Exporting Answers events data to CSV

Back in July, we announced Answers Events, which lets you track specific actions and events so you can see exactly how users are behaving within your app in real time. Since then we’ve worked to give you more insight into the data you track. This month, we enabled the ability to export Answers Events data to CSV! You can now export two items for each event: the total number of events that occurred per day, and the unique users of the event per day, both for a full year of history. Being able to export this data helps you see longer term trends and make smarter data-driven decisions.

Conversion tracking for Answers Events

One of the most exciting things about Answers Events is the ability to dive deep into predefined events – a set of events that we think a majority of developers will want to track. And now we’ve made it super simple to enable conversion tracking for those events. Check out our docs for iOS and Android on how to enable conversion tracking through Fabric!

Here’s our internal changelog:


  • Made enhancements to the data pipeline that enabled conversion tracking for Answers Events


  • Shipped the ability to export Answers Events data to CSV

  • Shipped the ability for you to see crash-free users and sessions by build