Answers Named #1 in Mobile Analytics for iOS

by Wayne Chang, Head of Product Marketing, Developer Platform

Back in May, Answers was ranked as #2 on iOS and #3 on Android in the mobile analytics space by SourceDNA, the world's largest database of mobile app intelligence. Since then, we’ve been building out new features like Answers Events, which helps you track specific actions and events in real time, to better understand how users are behaving within your app.

Today, we’re thrilled to tell you that Answers has now been named the #1 most implemented mobile analytics SDK on iOS — just five months after it was named #2!

Just over a year ago, Answers was built and launched by a small team from Crashlytics. Many of the same members are excited to see that Crashlytics is still the #1 most implemented performance SDK -- with a higher score than #2-6 combined.

Here’s what SourceDNA said about Answers and Crashlytics just a few months ago:

Twitter’s efforts in the mobile ecosystem are clearly paying off. Their tools are some of the most implemented in apps that we’re seeing. It’s a clear sign that they are really making an impact & leading the way with mobile.

We’re humbled by this recognition. In just over a year, Answers has gone from a side project to a solution used by top app developers all over the world. If you haven’t already, read the inside story of how a team of six built Answers to be the most popular mobile analytics tool today!