Crashlytics #1 in Performance, Answers #1 in Mobile Analytics

by Wayne Chang, Co-founder

Just a few months ago, Crashlytics was namedthe #1 most implemented performance SDK by SourceDNA, the world's largest database of mobile app intelligence. Not only was it the most implemented, it was more than #2-6 combined! At the same time, Answers, the mobile analytics tool we built just over a year ago, was named #2 on iOS and #3 on Android.

Today, we’re thrilled to share that according to SourceDNA’s newest report, Answers is now the #1 most implemented mobile analytics SDK on iOS — just five months after it was named #2!

Here’s what SourceDNA said about Answers and Crashlytics just a few months ago:

Twitter’s efforts in the mobile ecosystem are clearly paying off. Their tools are some of the most implemented in apps that we’re seeing. It’s a clear sign that they are really making an impact and leading the way with mobile.


Since founding Crashlytics, our passion has always been to build developer tools that you love. With both Crashlytics and Answers being #1 in their space, we’re humbled, thrilled and ecstatic with the positive reaction for everything we’ve built. Even though we’ve received this recognition, we don’t plan to be complacent. We look forward to continuing our mission of building the best services for every developer in the world.

(If you haven’t yet, see the inside story of how a team of six of us built Answers to be the most popular mobile analytics tool today.)