Introducing Audience Insights

by Brian Swift, Product Manager

Since we launched Answers Events in July, Answers has been recognized as the #1 mobile analytics SDK on iOS. We’re humbled by this honor. And that’s motivated us to build it out even further in our quest to make mobile analytics even simpler.

Over the past few months, we've been tackling another problem in mobile analytics: the fact that developers don't have any visibility into who’s using their apps. What are the demographics of the user base? What are these people interested in? The answers are key to important product and marketing decisions.

Today, we're pleased to introduce a new feature to surface some of this information: Audience Insights.

Visibility into your user base

Using Audience Insights, you can quickly gather trends and information about who is using your app. Let’s say your audience is predominantly female, interested in technology, business and news, comedy, and concentrated in the greater Chicago area. If you’re marketing to your users or wanting to build some key new features geared to this profile, Audience Insights gives you the intelligent data you need.

Audience Insights is the benefit of a brand new integration between Answers and Twitter.  Answers will leverage Twitter’s robust audience insights data set to tell you the key demographics and interests of your user base. The Audience Insights information displayed in Answers is based on sampled, aggregated data to protect the privacy of users while providing you with powerful insights. The feature can be found in the Monthly Active User and Answers Events sections of your Answers dashboard. If you are an app developer, then to learn more about these changes, please read the email we circulated and our new Answers Agreement, which goes into effect on 11/20/2015. If you are an end user of an app that has integrated Answers, then to learn more about these changes please read our new Answers Privacy Policy, which goes into effect on 11/20/2015.


Audience Insights takes out the guesswork, giving you a high level snapshot of the users you care most about. If you’re using Answers Events, we’ll soon be providing customer segments based on key demographics and interests for your app. You’ll be able to take action by improving your app or marketing to users like ones you’re most active with.