Introducing Answers for OS X and tvOS (beta)

by Brian Swift, Product Manager

2015 was an exciting year for Answers. We launched Answers as its own kit, Answers Events, Audience Insights, and were even named the #1 mobile analytics tool on iOS. But we didn’t stop there.

Over the past few months, we've seen many of the same challenges we’ve solved on mobile occurring on other platforms, including desktop and TV. Developers are building the next great experience for their users on these platforms, and yet, they have limited real-time visibility into their user activity. We thought we could build something much, much better that would give developers on these platforms the same level of visibility as mobile platforms.

That’s why today, we’re thrilled to share two announcements: Answers for OS X is now officially available, and we’re opening beta access to Answers for tvOS at Answers Labs!

Instant, Complete Visibility into Your OS X Apps

It has historically been difficult to have any performance indicators or insights into how your OS X app is being used, let alone getting the answers you need once you actually have that data. With Answers for OS X, you’ll now have the same suite of powerful tools you’ve come to enjoy with Answers for iOS — all seamlessly working for your apps on Mac.

Similar to Answers for iOS, you’ll have instant visibility into critical performance metrics, such as DAU, MAU and crash-free users -- all in real-time. You won’t have to dive through mountains of data and analyze trends. We’ll tell you what’s actually important, all in real time. Seamlessly integrated with Crashlytics, you can jump straight to specific builds in your Crashlytics issues dashboard and address your app stability immediately.

Just like for iOS, you can get a complete health status check and a quick glance at how your new release is doing -- all through the launch day experience within your dashboardWith Answers, it’s never been easier to manage and scale your business.

To get Answers for OS X, simply update your Crashlytics Kit. New to Fabric? Download the Fabric Mac app here to get started!

From Answers Labs: Real-time App Analytics for Apple TV

At Answers Labs, we’re always experimenting with new ideas to make analytics ever simpler. Many of you have expressed interest in a solution that also supports Apple TV apps. We’ve listened to your requests and we're excited to open up access to our Answers for tvOS project, now in beta.

Demand is high so sign up at Answers Labs today for early access. We can't wait for your feedback as we continue to tweak and enhance its functionality!