Introducing Answers for tvOS

by Brian Swift, Product Manager

Last month, we opened beta access to one of our new tools at Answers Labs: Answers support for tvOS projects. Continuing to listen to your feedback, we wanted to bring the Answers experience you’ve come to know and love to tvOS.

Today, we’re thrilled to officially release Answers for tvOS!


The #1 mobile analytics solution for iOS, now on tvOS

When we set out to build an analytics tool that requires little analysis on your end, we wanted to make it as powerful and extensive as possible. Along the way, we were named the #1 mobile analytics solution by SourceDNA, and added support for OS X. And since many of you are building apps for tvOS today, we’re excited to support the next generation of experiences you’re crafting for Apple TV.


Similar to Answers for iOS and OS X, you’ll have instant visibility into critical performance metrics, such as DAU, MAU, and crash-free users — all in real time.



We're incredibly excited to support yet another major platform and help you grow your apps on even more Apple devices. Happy coding!