Answers May Update: more data on business-critical user actions

By Jason St. Pierre, Product Manager

Since we released Answers Events last summer, our goal has been to show you the most impactful actions users are taking inside your app - in real time. The Answers dashboard gives you total visibility into user behavior by bringing the top events and their related attributes to your attention.

Events are the ultimate in-app actions (like listening to a song) that power your entire mobile business. Each event has attributes, which are packets of additional information (like the name of the song, the album it appeared on, the artist, the genre, etc.), that are critical for gaining context about the action. After listening to your feedback, we’re excited to give you more insight into category (i.e., string/text) attributes so you can get a deeper understanding of user engagement.


Greater discoverability of popular category attributes

Answers will never overwhelm you with a flood of uninterpretable data; we’ll bring the most important app metrics to the forefront. Initially, we showed you four category values for each category attribute in a consolidated way, but you asked for more insight and we listened!

Now, you will see the top 10 categories for each category event attribute. This update will greatly improve your ability to discover the most popular categories, and see how they change and trend over the past 30 days.

For example, if you manage a music app, you definitely want to know how Beyonce’s new album affects user behavior. Through this update, we’ll tell you how listening preferences vary day by day and answer questions like: What are the top 10 most downloaded songs on the day Beyonce’s new album is released? How does this top 10 song list compare to the day before? What new songs climbed to the top of the charts?

You won’t have to work to get the granularity you need - our dashboard demystifies your data for free.


Revamped graphs with deeper drill-down options

Staying true to our mission, we redesigned the category event attributes widget so more data doesn’t lead to more clutter. In addition to a sleeker UI, we’re also giving you more flexibility and control over how you want to toggle this information.

Want to drill down into specific days? Use the new date selector.

Want to see how certain category values compare? Simply select and/or de-select those categories and check out the trend lines.

Curious about how many times your users interacted with each category? We added raw counts along side each of the top 10 category values.


More actionable data about your app users

We know that understanding your app users is a vital part of growing your app. With Answers, we increased the number of visible categories (for both predefined and custom events) to give you clearer insight into user activity and, by extension, more actionable data on how to improve your app experience.

We love hearing your direct feedback - in fact, this update was entirely driven by our customers! Let us know how we can continue to help you understand user behavior and amplify user engagement.