Filter crashes by activity segments: improve stability for your most valuable users

by Jason St. Pierre, Product Manager

Here’s the conundrum mobile app teams face: all apps crash, but it’s impossible to fix every single stability issue. In a world with limited time and resources, the million dollar question is – which crashes should you tackle first? Our mission is to help you identify and prioritize issues that have the biggest impact on your app quality.

Since launch, Crashlytics has given you visibility into the downstream effects crashes have on your business by highlighting their severity and prevalence. Today, we’re unveiling an additional lens to show you how stability varies among different user activity segments.

Want to know which crashes are preventing new users from turning into loyal, engaged ones? Want to resolve crashes that are blocking active users from completing key in-app actions? The combined power of Crashlytics and activity segments will show you which crashes are affecting your most valuable users.

Deliver a fantastic new user experience

New users have low tolerance for buggy apps – and a glitchy session can deter them from ever coming back. In fact, 1 out of 4 mobile apps are abandoned after just one use and one of the top reasons for abandonment is technical flaws. Crashlytics will help you make a great first impression by isolating stability issues impacting new users so you can fix them, fast. To see these issues, just select “New Users” on the User Activity tab on your dashboard:

Keep active users happy and engaged

You can also use this filter to improve stability for people that interact with your app on a daily basis. By clicking on “Active Users” or “Highly Active Users," you’ll be able to see which crashes are affecting your most engaged users. These people love your app and keep coming back to it, so reward them with a stellar, stable experience!

Make smarter stability decisions

Crashes by activity segments combines the power of crash reporting with user engagement to surface issues affecting your most valuable users. Now, you’ll be able to see if certain issues are especially prevalent in a specific segment and better prioritize your time.

To see it in action, just hop over to the Crashlytics dashboard and give it a try. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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