Open Sourcing Twitter Kit & Digits for Android and Launching NDK Support

by Wayne ChangHead of Product Marketing, Developer Platform

Here at Fabric, we’re passionate about building tools that developers love and trust. Always looking for more ways to support our developer communities, we’re excited to make two major announcements for the Android community: We’re open sourcing Twitter Kit and Digits for Android, and we’re launching official NDK support in Crashlytics Kit.

Total transparency into Twitter and Digits Kit

We’ve long respected the Android community’s strong open source mindset and today, we’re excited to participate at a deeper level, by open sourcing both Twitter Kit and Digits for Android. By open sourcing Twitter Kit and Digits, we will give you transparency into the functionality we offer, and give you an opportunity to identify bugs and help us deliver a more stable product for you.

Read more on the Twitter Developer blog.

The most powerful, yet lightweight NDK crash reporting

By listening to your feedback, we heard that a huge pain point for Android developers was getting insightful crash reports within the Android NDK. You wanted a better solution than what was out there -- something that just works and didn’t leave you with your head in your hands.

That’s why today, we’re also excited to launch our official NDK support in the Crashlytics Kit!

Read more on the Crashlytics blog.