Relive the Firebase party at WWDC18

by Brian Lynn, Firebase Party Host


WWDC has drawn to a close and we wanted to share the photos of our party on the night of June 4th. It was great to meet and celebrate app development with many of you, including talented developers from Slack, Adidas, Coinbase, DJI and many more. We were blown away by your enthusiasm to come party with us!

Since we can’t travel back in time, here are some highlights so you can relive the night of fun.

The night begins!

We were excited to roll out the red carpet for our guests at the entrance. Our friendly hosts greeted everyone at the door, and we had food+drinks ready for you as soon as you finished checking in.


Celebration time

To give The GlassHouse a homey feel, we designed the ambience of our event to resemble the look and feel of Firebase. Throughout the space, we added lighting in Firebase’s colors, custom pillows, video backdrop and more.


A variety of passed hors d'oeuvre (with vegan options) were served throughout the night. We also designed three developer cocktails for the night: the Moscow ML, Old Functioned and Magarealtime. Thank you to all those who submitted creative names for our cocktails and congrats to the winners!


The glowing selfie-station with nifty LED sunglasses was a favorite at this year's party. We’re glad that many of you loved the setup, took pictures, and shared them on social media!


We also had fun playing our AppShip arcade game with many of you. Some of our hosts lost their voice cheering everyone on for that one, final goal of the night. And if you scored an own-goal, you weren't the only one: over half of the balls that went into the goal were last touched by someone from their own team.

Wrapping up the night

A party wouldn’t be complete without some great music and dancing. This year, we had a bigger dance floor with a giant disco ball as well as a talented DJ as usual. Those who didn’t feel like dancing and just wanted to relax, could do so at the outdoor terrace where you could get some fresh air and continue mingling.


No party can last forever, and goodbyes are always hard. This year, Firebase branded travel mugs and bottle openers were waiting to go home with guests right at the door.


Thank you to all those who joined us to celebrate app development - we were glad to share all the laughter with you. Check out our full photo album.

Here’s to next year!

From the Twitterverse:

We’re doing it again! Firebase party at WWDC18

by Brian Lynn, Firebase Party Host


Heading to WWDC this year? Join us at the Firebase party on June 4th as we celebrate with the top iOS developers from around the world.

We’re excited to once again throw a party for our community at this year’s conference. If you’re going to be in town, join us for a night to mingle with other developers, meet engineers and product leads from the Fabric+Firebase team, and relax after the first day of WWDC.

We can’t wait to see you and toast to another exciting summer of mobile development.

  • When: Monday, June 4th, 2018
  • Time: 8:00pm - 12:00am
  • Where: The GlassHouse
  • Price: Free (!)

Tickets are limited so request your invite today! (Note: a confirmed ticket is required for entry)

Join us at the Firebase Dev Summit 2017 in Amsterdam!

By Frank van Puffelen, Developer Advocate

We’re excited to announce that the registration for the Firebase Dev Summit is opening today!

Please join us in Amsterdam on October 31st for a day of talks, codelabs, and office hours, as well as (of course) an after-party.

I had a blast at last year’s Dev Summit in Berlin

I had a blast at last year’s Dev Summit in Berlin

Three months ago, thousands of developers joined us at Google I/O to hear about improvements to the Firebase platform, like Performance Monitoring, Phone Authentication, and our newly open sourced SDKs. We haven’t slowed down since then and now we’re excited to bring the Firebase and Fabric teams to Amsterdam to talk about a bunch of new announcements, as well as hear your feedback on how we can improve Firebase to help you build even more extraordinary experiences for your users.

Registration is now open, but keep in mind that space will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to request an invitation today.

What is the Firebase Dev Summit?

The Firebase Dev Summit is full day event for app developers that will focus on solving core infrastructure and growth challenges in app development. We’ll have deep dive sessions, as well as introductory overviews, so all levels of Firebase familiarity are welcome!

We also want you to get your hands dirty with Firebase. You’ll get a chance to put your new knowledge into practice with instructor-led codelabs, as well as ask our team any questions you have at our #AskFirebase lounge.

The day isn’t just about us talking to to you, though. Our product managers and engineering team (including me!) are excited to meet you in person and hear your feedback about what is and isn’t working in Firebase. Our community is what makes Firebase great, so we couldn’t be more excited to get your help in shaping the future of Firebase.

As a native Dutchie, I’m thrilled that we’ll be combining two of my favorite things at the Dev Summit this year: Firebase & The Netherlands! If you’ll be traveling to Amsterdam for the conference, I highly recommend you stay an extra day. Take a canal tour, visit one of the many museums, rent a bike, or just take a stroll and say hi to a local. We’re friendly, I promise :-).

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person. Dank je en tot gauw!

This post originally appeared on the Firebase blog.

Relive the Fabric + Firebase party at WWDC17

by Brian Lynn, Product Marketing Manager

Now that WWDC has drawn to a close, we couldn’t wait to share the photos of our party on the night of the 5th. We were thrilled to meet and celebrate app development with many of you, including tons of talented developers from Apple, Uber, Spotify, Tinder, and more. With over a thousand RSVPs, it was amazing to see the excitement among the community!

Since we can’t travel back in time, here are some highlights so you can relive the night of fun. 

The entrance

We love our customers - so what better way to show our appreciation then rolling out the red carpet? We also made sure to have friendly hosts to greet you at the door and security guards as rigorous as an IDS

The experience

To make sure you feel right at home at Forager, we meticulously designed the ambience of our event to resemble the look and feel of our product. Throughout the space, we added the Firebase yellow and Fabric blue lighting, custom pillows, stand up tables with chips inside, and more. This way you can mingle with other developers in style.

In addition to finger-licking good appetizers, we even designed two specialty developer cocktails: the Minty Multithread and Nulltonic Expression. Thank you to all those who submitted creative names for our cocktail and congrats to the winners!

The fun

Deliciousness aside, we mounted flat screens throughout the venue so you can showcase the apps you’re building and share your passion projects with other developers. For the photo-junkies, we featured a paparazzi style photo booth with whatever witty props that strike your mood (see all the photo booth moments here).

For those who love flexing their knowledge muscle, we brought in the AppShip3000 - our flagship multiplayer game to test your knowledge of Firebase. In case you were new to Firebase and wanted to learn more, we also set up a live coding station so you can see Firebase in action.

The swag

Since it’s dub dub, we crafted custom designed iPhone protective cases for you to take home (in case cocktails and holding-onto-phones-after don’t mix). Stylish tees included as usual.

Thank you to all those who joined us for the night - we were glad to share all the laughter with you. Check out our full photo album. (photos credit: Yvonne TNT)

Here’s to next year!

In their words:

Fabric + Firebase: Building momentum together

By Rich Paret, GM, Fabric

Fabric + Firebase: Building Momentum Together

It’s been an exciting four months since we joined Google to work alongside our friends at Firebase. We teamed up for two reasons: 1) By joining forces, we can combine our unique strengths and give you access to better tools and infrastructure. 2) We’re driven by the same mission, to help teams build apps, understand their users, and grow their business.  

So, what have we been up to in our new home, with our new teammates?

Continuing to improve Fabric

As always, our customers are our top priority. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work shipping awesome improvements for Fabric. For example, we recently introduced the new Fabric dashboard to align your app’s data with your top goals. We also made it easier to monitor retention in Fabric, added new sharing functionality to Fabric’s iOS and Android app, and launched a beta version of crash insights. Insights surfaces underlying problems causing your crashes and gives you resources to solve them faster. Plus, we traveled all over the world to show you how to supercharge your app release process with fastlane.

Integrating with Firebase

Many of you have asked us how the integration with Firebase is going. The short answer is: it’s going great! We’re learning a ton from each other and we’re marching towards the same goal, which is to bring the best of our platforms together, in a thoughtful and seamless way.

Today, you can start to see some of the fruits of this labor. We’re going to make Crashlytics the flagship stability solution for Firebase, so if you don’t already use it, we recommend installing it and checking it out. In addition, Digits is being upgraded to Firebase phone authentication, which is the next evolution of phone number identity and authentication.

Better together

Fabric and Firebase are stronger together, so we encourage you to use both of our platforms. In due time, we’ll bridge the gap and give you one place to build, understand, and grow your app.

We’re working on solving the biggest mobile challenges so you have more time to innovate and do what you love.

You can count on us to make app success simple.

Join us at I/O and WWDC

As we go forward, fueled by the same mission, we also want to celebrate with our passionate community.

If you’re at I/O, join us on May 18th at 10:30 am PST for a fireside chat with myself (Rich Paret, GM, Fabric), Andrew Lee (Co-founder, Firebase), and Jason Titus (VP of Engineering, Google Developer Platform) as we discuss joining Google, recent launches, and talk more about what’s next. Throughout I/O, we’ll also be hanging out at the sandbox area - ready to listen to your feedback and answer any questions you have.

Next month, we’re co-hosting a party with Firebase at WWDC and we’d love to see you there. Request an invite on our event website.

Come say hello, we can’t wait to see you!