Branch now available on Fabric: Grow your app with deep linking

By Jonathan Zazove, Product Manager

Update: Fabric has deprecated the third party kits as of August 2, 2018. See our help doc to learn more.

Since launching Fabric in 2014, we’ve partnered with some of the best mobile app tools to help you solve the biggest challenges in building your mobile business. Some of the challenges we’ve heard from you is that user acquisition data is often fragmented between different marketing channels, and sharing your app across those channels is really cumbersome. This makes marketing your app difficult, and you wouldn't know if you're converting users effectively.

To solve that, we’re announcing a brand new integration today: Branch, a powerful, multi-channel deep linking and attribution tool for growing your apps, is now available on Fabric.

Know which marketing channels work for your growth

While in-app analytics tools help you understand user engagement within your app, they don’t tell you which channels your users actually came from nor give you the ability to track that data. Branch’s deep links have solved this by carrying your referral data through multiple channels (i.e., web, app store) and the app install process. Now, by integrating Branch with Answers – our mobile analytics tool within Fabric (ranked #1 by SourceDNA) – you can easily start using mobile deep links to gain insights about where your user growth is coming from and how to optimize your marketing campaigns right within your Fabric dashboard.

Because Branch works with Answers right out of the box, you can instantly see which channel/content is driving the most installs – without any additional work on your part. You’ll also know right away how your current users are sharing your app which is vital to your business’s growth (we know first hand how important evangelists are from our own community!)

See Branch’s announcement to learn more about how it works.

Seamless installation for engineering teams

As with our other partner SDKs (e.g., Amazon, Stripe, Optimizely), we'll automatically provision your Branch keys so you can easily onboard your app if you already have an account with  Branch (if not, we can create one for you here). You can also install the Branch SDK or update to the latest version with a simple click on Fabric.

From our friends at 8Tracks:

Fabric's one-click-install and update functionality allows us to be sure that we’ll never miss a critical update for our SDKs. It’s the platform we trust when managing our SDKs!


We’re absolutely thrilled to get this into your hands so you can start optimizing your campaigns and get the most bang for the marketing buck. We look forward to continue helping you build and grow your mobile business!