Fabric for Unity updates: Empowering game developers to build successful businesses

By Hemal Shah, Product Manager

Fabric for Unity Updates June 2016

Life is more fun when you get to play games. Games immerse us in new worlds, energize our competitive spirits, and provide endless hours of entertainment.

But building profitable mobile games is hard. We’re on a mission to fix that. In March, we released Fabric support for Unity (one of the world’s most popular game development platforms), to solve the common challenges game developers face. Our goal was to give you more time to create those delightfully addictive gaming experiences we all know and love. Since we launched, we’ve been blown away by your feedback:

As a publisher with developers worldwide, we use Fabric across our entire portfolio of games. We love that Fabric for Unity is incredibly simple to implement, free to use and provides us with powerful tools to make great games.

Today, we’re making it even easier to turn your game into a thriving business with a brand new native MoPub integration. Plus, we’re giving you more control to customize the setup process with manual initialization and deferred SDK activation during onboarding. Learn how to get started with these features below:


Transform your app into a thriving mobile business

Who would say “no” to earning more money for their smash game? For years, game developers have used MoPub to maximize their ad revenue. Now, the MoPub Kit is available directly in the Fabric for Unity plugin. There’s no need to install it separately – we’re bringing it to your IDE. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to integrate a comprehensive monetization platform into your game and transform your app into a business.

Fabric for Unity MoPub ad


MoPub will give you ad serving for cross promotion or direct sales, free ad network mediation, and instant access to over 175 demand partners through the MoPub Marketplace, a leading real-time bidding exchange for mobile advertising. And you’ll never have to worry about compromising your user experience because MoPub allows you to create a customized native interface that fits naturally within your game. This is the easiest and fastest way to grab your piece of the $43.6 billion mobile advertising pie.

How MoPub's Ad Exchange Works

More control over initializing kits

Over the last few months, we worked closely with our customers to fully understand their game development process. One big takeaway was that some apps need to update their Terms of Service, or take care of other nuanced items, before being ready to initialize Fabric kits. To help with this, we’re giving you more control over the initialization of our kits to suit your unique app setup.

By default, Fabric kits will initialize automatically to ensure you get the best performance as early as possible, but if you need a little extra time at startup, you can enable “manual initialization” in the plugin and start Fabric whenever your app is ready.

Fabric for Unity Manual Initialization

Activate your app at your own pace

Building your app on Unity can take a long time - sometimes more than an hour! Yikes. We always want to save you time, so you now have the freedom to install as many Fabric kits as your heart desires with no pressure to build and run your app immediately. With deferred activation, you’ll be able to complete the kit installation process later, and build and run your app as it fits with your natural workflow.


Built-in dependency management you can depend on

Let’s be real: dependency management on Unity is not easy. You should be able to download updates without stressing over compatibility problems. That’s why we built an intelligent solution that will automatically manage dependencies for Fabric kits. For example, if you try to download a new kit that puts another at risk of breaking, we’ll alert you and tell you what you need to update first.

Basically, we’ll manage these kit relationships for you so you have peace of mind that everything will always work smoothly. Dependency management is a built-in safety mechanism for our Fabric for Unity plugin.


Making game development pain-free and fun

With Fabric, building mobile games is as fun as actually playing them. We’re passionate about helping you create new, imaginative, and interactive experiences that flourish into healthy businesses.

To take advantage of these enhancements, simply update the Fabric plugin directly in Unity. If you’re not using Fabric for Unity, just click the button below to get started. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you’re up to and how you like our plugin!