Fabric July Update

By Brian Lynn, Product Marketing Manager

With summer in full swing, we turned up the heat this month by shipping two major releases to help you further engage and retain your users!

Quickly recognize and solve user retention problems

To build a successful mobile business, app development teams need to keep a close eye on user retention, which is crucial for their app’s growth. What’s the point of spending time and money to acquire new users if they churn the next day? That’s why in July, we released Answers activity segments to help you understand how engaged your current users are and how many are at risk of abandoning your app. More on the Answers blog.

Engage users with a seamless Vine viewing experience

We also added Vine support to Twitter Kit so you can easily engage users by bringing creative and quirky video content into your app. Now, Twitter Kit will automatically play a Vine that is embedded within a Tweet, expand these videos within the timeline, and seamlessly play them on loop within the video player. More on the Twitter Developer blog.

Easily build real-time apps with PubNub and Digits

Besides shipping major releases, we also co-hosted a webinar with our friends at PubNub to help developers accelerate real-time data delivery for their apps. During the webinar, their team showed you how to build a real-time mobile chat app in Android using Fabric and PubNub. And, Chris Oryschak, a Fabric product manager, demonstrated how you can easily and securely verify users using Digits without any cumbersome passwords or complex 2-factor authentication setups. Check out the webinar here or grab the slides!

Here’s our internal changelog:


  • Android

    • Beta now works for apps using the v2 signature in the latest Android Gradle Plugin, on devices running Android N

    • Beta kit’s startup time is now even faster

    • Fixed a bug to prevent false negatives when determining whether an app was installed by Beta

    • Removed logging when the Beta by Crashlytics app cannot be found


  • iOS

    • Released activity segments feature

  • Android

    • Released activity segments feature


  • Android (bug fixes):

    • OSS gradle files breakages in v 1.11.0 to help customers continue using our OSS project as an example

    • Crash caused when digitsLoginFailure event was reported without countryCode

    • Users being unable to login when guest auth expires on the service but not on the client

    • Delete contacts throws exception in okhttp 2.3.1+

Twitter Kit

  • Android

    • Bump Digits and tweet-ui dependencies

    • Allow non-filtered search results for SearchTimeline