Fabric June Update

By Brian Lynn, Product Marketing Manager

While the Copa America fever catches on this June and excitement looms around our office, we still hunkered down and shipped a ton of new upgrades on Fabric for you -- even if that meant missing a game or two! Here’s the low down:

Understand your phone verification conversion funnel

If you use Digits to onboard users, you may have been looking for more insights into your conversion funnel and more flexibility in testing the Digits flow. That’s why in June, we’re excited to release two major upgrades for Digits: an integration with Answers and the Digits sandbox. Now, you can easily track login events and even log specific user actions within the Digits flow. Also, you can now run tests without triggering any rate limits -- more on the Digits blog!

Powerful, real-time analytics on the go

Since we launched the first Fabric mobile app, we’ve been heads down building out more functionality to help you dive deeper into your data and understand how your apps are growing. This month, we released a major upgrade to the app: the ability to drill into your most impactful adoption and stability metrics, such as DAU, MAU, and retention, so you can stay on top of your new releases on the go. Check them out in the original announcement!

Grow your app with mobile deep linking

User acquisition data for mobile apps is often fragmented between different marketing channels. And it’s even harder to understand which organic channels are most effective in driving new installs. To solve this, we released our integration with Branch: a powerful, multi-channel deep linking and attribution tool for growing your app and effectively tracking the source of your most engaged users. See what you can do with Branch in the original announcement.

Build your game into a successful business

As few months ago, we released Fabric support for Unity to solve the common challenges game developers face. In June, we made it even easier for you to turn your game into a thriving business with a brand new native MoPub integration. We also gave you more control to customize the setup process with manual initialization and deferred SDK activation during onboarding. See more in the original announcement.

Create powerful actions with fastlane plugins

We love developing fastlane with you and want to empower you with more freedom to help mobile developers and strengthen your bond with them. That’s why we also released fastlane plugins in June – a new, faster way to create actions and connect directly with the fastlane community. More here!


Here’s our internal changelog:

Fabric Platform

  • Android

    • Added the name of the exception to the Answers Crash event


  • Android

    • Wrote the exception name to Answers when sending a Crash event

    • Updated Crashlytics Core and Answers dependency

    • Updated Fabric Base dependency for Beta by Crashlytics


  • Android

    • Facilitated sending the exception name with Crash events


Twitter Kit

  • iOS

    • Add SFSafariViewController support for login

    • Fix bug when Tweet includes a newline character

    • Add methods for getting tweets from `TWTRTimelineViewController`

    • Support `extended_tweet` mode for Tweet objects

    • Fix non-module header issue with CocoaPods and Swift

  • Android

    • Updated Twitter Core Dependency

    • Fix Fake ID exploit