Fabric October Update

By Brian Lynn, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Halloween is a great time to munch on candy, carve pumpkins, and partake in other fall festivities. Over here at Fabric, we shipped some treats in October to keep you ghoulishly happy. Recap below!

Automate app testing to save more time

Beta testing is an important part of building an app users love - which is why it’s such a shame that the beta process is tedious and tiring. Although you can already use Beta by Crashlytics to simplify that process, imagine how much more time you’d save if you could also automate it in seconds! That’s why in October, we made it easy to supercharge Beta by Crashlytics with fastlane. Now, you can spend less time testing/releasing your app and more time building features that users love. See the integration in action here.

Track your onboarding performance in real-time

Your login funnel is one of your app’s most important conversion paths. New users want a simple onboarding flow so they can start using your app right away. That’s why on top of the fastlane integration, we also launched Digits' login funnels: a new real-time view into how many users begin the onboarding process, how many finish it, and where people fall out. This new level of granularity will show you the biggest drop-off points in your funnel so you can take action to fix them:

See the original announcement here!

Easily organize and find your in-app events

As users sign up or log in to your app, Answers Events lets you track their in-app actions and understand how they’re engaging with your app. In October, we made it even easier to organize and find these events/key performance indicators (KPIs) on your events dashboard. Now, you can scroll through your entire events list (instead of just the top 10) and sort it by name, frequency or category. Check it out on your latest dashboard.

Improve stability for your most valuable users

New users tend to abandon apps that are buggy, and returning users need your app to continue to be stable. That’s why in October, we also released crashes by activity segments — a new filter that shows you which stability issues are affecting new and active users. Want to know which crashes are causing new users to leave or which issues are blocking active users from completing key in-app actions? Hop over to your Crashlytics dashboard to find out:

Learn more from the original announcement.

Grow your revenue with engaging rewarded video ads

For those of you generating revenue with ads, we launched rewarded video ads on the MoPub Marketplace — a new way to monetize your app. Rewarded video ads allows you to offer users a meaningful reward (like in-game currency) in exchange for watching a video ad. This is a win-win because you can now encourage user engagement and earn revenue at the same time. More on this from the original announcement.


We hope you and your team find these features helpful. Here’s to another great month!