Fabric September Update

by Brian Lynn, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Now that fall is here and school’s back in session, we’re studying up on how to make life easier for you and your app development team. This month, we released three new features to help you understand your users and strengthen your app quality:

Your key performance indicators — now available on the go

Many of you are already tracking Answers Events and your key performance indicators (KPIs) via your Fabric dashboard. Now, with the latest version of our Fabric iOS app, you can easily track those KPIs and monitor user actions even when you’re away from your desk. By combining these additional insights with your adoption and stability metrics (e.g., DAU, MAU), you’ll know exactly where to focus your app improvement efforts.

Get the latest update:

(Android coming soon!
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See the most critical issues across builds or by device/OS

To help you fix crashes even faster, we added a new build selector as well as device and OS filters to your Crashlytics dashboard. Now, you can easily find and prioritize issues that are affecting multiple builds and increase stability across the spectrum.

On top of the new build selector, you can even filter crashes by device or OS. Want to focus in on crashes happening on iPhone 7 or Android 7, or compare crashes on iOS 10 vs. iOS 9? These new filters make it easy to search, compare and address your app's stability.

See these in action on your Crashlytics dashboard!

New fastlane docs: automate your app releases

Earlier this month, we launched docs.fastlane.tools, our new docs website for fastlane. This new site will walk you through fastlane’s set-up process and show you how to streamline tedious work when releasing your app, like taking screenshots, beta distribution, code signing, and more. Check it out!

Sidenote: we’re also happy to share that fastlane has now surpassed 500 contributors on GitHub. We continue to be humbled by your support, and we can’t wait to keep moving fastlane forward!

Here’s our internal changelog:


  • iOS

    • Update upload-symbols for macOS Sierra compatibility

    • Warn on projects built for ≤ iOS 6 and ≤ macOS 10.7 that Fabric compatibility with those version is deprecated

  • Android

    • Update the Fabric dependency to update Crashlytics Core


  • Android

    • Improved support for Android M & N

    • Facilitated improved NDK support on Android M & N

    • Updated Crashlytics Core dependency

    • Fixed issue which prevented sending crash reports in the rare case battery level info is not available


  • Android

    • Fixed a bug that caused Answers to undercount the number of Daily New Users Daily New Users count may be temporarily higher when you first launch a version of your app with this SDK

    • Updated Answers dependency


  • Android

    • Fixed error inflating StateButton when requesting email

    • Introduced new logger events to obtain errors while submitting phone number or confirmation code

Twitter Kit

  • Android

    • Bump dependencies

    • Added translations

    • Removed pseudo locales from translations

    • Updated proguard rules for Okhttp3 and Retrofit2

    • Removed pseudo locales from translations

    • Moved TwitterCollection from internal package to models

    • Minor bug fixes

    • Removed pseudo locales from translations