New milestone achieved: over 2 billion active devices

By Rich Paret, General Manager, Developer Platform

Ever since we launched Crashlytics four years ago, our mission has always been and remains the same: to build tools that mobile app development teams love. That’s why we built Fabric, which reached a huge milestone last July by serving over one billion active devices around the globe.

Today, just nine months after reaching our first milestone, we’re proud to share that we’ve doubled our previous achievement: Fabric is now serving over two billion active devicesmeasured on a 30-day basis — on both iOS and Android.

It’s been an amazing journey to see Fabric being used and trusted by tens of thousands of top apps around the world. Thank you for trusting your business to Fabric and Twitter; we take that commitment seriously and look forward to continue supporting you in building the best experiences for your customers. Let’s put a dent in the universe together.