Bringing powerful PRs, one-click installation, and enhanced deployment options to fastlane

By Hemal Shah, Product Manager


We know that time is your most precious asset. Our goal is to help you and your team spend more time creating amazing user experiences — not waste it by drudging through cumbersome, repetitive deployment tasks.

That’s why, eight months ago, we welcomed fastlane into the Fabric developer toolbox streamlining the entire app deployment process. Since then, fastlane has already saved over 1 million developer hours! Here are some more exciting updates from the fastlane family:

Introducing device grid: painlessly preview app changes from PRs

Constantly improving your app is awesome. You know what’s not awesome? Having to manually attach screenshots to every feature change, being forced to download remote changes and compile a new build locally, and having to test a beta build and then fiddle through app screens just to make sure a new feature works.

Instead of doing all this work, wouldn’t it be nice to test your app directly from a pull request? Imagine the amount of time you could save if you were able to interact with code changes in the same place where you already give feedback. Well now you can!

Device grid by fastlane takes the grunt work (and the guesswork of how app changes will look and feel) out of this process by allowing you to easily stream your latest app changes on a virtual simulator right from a browser. With fastlane, GitHub, danger, and, you can interact with your new code straight from a PR. Get started with device grid today.

One click and you’re done: install fastlane via the Fabric Mac app

fastlane makes app deployment fast and simple. So naturally, installing fastlane should be just as fast and simple too, right? Up until now, you could only install fastlane from the command line via Ruby. Moving forward, we’re giving you another, quicker option: fastlane can now be installed with one click from the Fabric Mac app.

We’ll bundle everything you need to run fastlane and even check to make sure you don’t have an existing version installed, so you don’t need to worry about any dependency conflicts.

Two-factor authentication support for greater security and control

We understand that you want extra security when deploying builds using fastlane. Recently, Apple allowed support for two-factor authentication for iTunes Connect, and we’re pleased to announce that all fastlane tools now support two-factor authentication. If you choose to use 2FA for your developer portal or CI systems, we’ve got your back.

Here’s how to use 2FA on a CI system.

Android expansion files and Google Play build promotion

We’re incredibly proud of the open source community around fastlane. Every day, developers contribute amazing things that make fastlane more powerful and efficient. Two particularly awesome community contributions we want to highlight are: support for uploading APK expansion files and a new option for promoting APK between tracks.

These updates will help you better manage your APK expansion files and quickly promote beta builds straight to production on Google Play, skipping the online submission process.

Here are the release notes for uploading APK expansion files and promoting APK between tracks.

More time = more power

Our mission is to solve and automate the tedious aspects of mobile development and give developers more freedom to innovate and create. We can’t wait to see what you build and deploy next with lightning speed!

P.S. As a bonus treat, you can now trigger and run fastlane with the rocketship emoji. Seriously. Give it a try and let us know when your next deployment is underway!