fastlane wins “Outstanding Performance” in Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition

By Felix Krause, Founder of fastlane

When I started fastlane, I never imagined that I’d be so fortunate to work with a community so passionate about developer tools. Since fastlane joined Fabric a few months ago, we’ve been working on making fastlane a best-in-class automation toolset that developers love, on both iOS and Android. Part of this journey involved my participation in the 2016 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition, where creators and innovators showcased the companies, apps, and services that they built with Ruby.

I’m honored to share that fastlane won theOutstanding Performance award!

fastlane uses advanced Ruby features, and even defines its own custom Ruby DSL, to offer highly optimized configuration files for mobile app developers. It’s a privilege to be celebrated by the creators of Ruby, and for fastlane, it’s a big stamp of approval to show that we’re building tools that have a real impact.

Congratulations to all the other award winners; it's great to see so much innovation happening around the world!