Introducing screengrab: automating screenshots on Android

By Hemal Shah, Product Manager

When Fabric partnered with fastlane four months ago, our goal was to give you the best deployment tools for your mobile apps. Since Twitter Flight, we’ve been making fastlane and its beta support for Android even more powerful.

Today, we're thrilled to share that we're introducing screengrab for automating screenshots on Android!

Automated, seamless, in your language of choice

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your screenshots need to reflect the best of your app's user experience, but taking perfect screenshots is a ton of work. The process includes capturing the shots, making sure each one is lined up correctly, and then localizing them for your customers’ needs. With screengrab, taking and uploading screenshots to the Google Play Store has never been easier.

Screengrab is entirely automated from the command line.


We’ve even made localizing your screenshots much simpler. By launching your app in multiple languages, screengrab allows you to verify that your localizations fit into labels on all screen dimensions in minutes.

Sitting on top of existing UI tests, screengrab connects with the rest of the fastlane toolset, streamlining the entire deployment process. You can prepare screenshots and then submit them to the Google Play Store with the rest of your app using supply.  Since screengrab is tightly integrated with fastlane, it’s super simple to integrate it into your existing workflow.

Set up once, run everywhere

Remember the last time you created screenshots for your app? It might have been as a preview to see what a recent change you made looks like, or for the design team for their latest mockup. Those tasks take time and energy away from what you really want to do: build awesome stuff. Setting up screengrab ensures no duplicate work is being done by your team. You can also stop putting the responsibility on one person who "just knows what to do." Once you've set up screengrab and checked in your config file, anyone on your team can generate screenshots with no additional steps required.

We built screengrab to give you your time back, making release day that much better. As an open source tool, we are excited to work with the community to build on this initial foundation and continually grow this tool!