Welcoming fastlane to Fabric

By Hemal Shah, Product Manager

When we built Fabric last year, we set our sights high: to give developers best-in-class tools for building the best apps. So we’ve been heads down shipping upgrades, integrating with popular tools, and even sending a bus full of really smart people to meet developers all over the world.

Today at Flight, we were thrilled to welcome fastlane, the most popular deployment tool on iOS -- and now available on Android -- into the Fabric developer toolset.

iOS deployment: the way it should be

Shipping a new app or release build is often a cumbersome, repetitive process. On iOS, you need to test your app, take hundreds of app screenshots, build the app, tackle signing issues, prepare push certificates, upload your files, and finally… submit to the App Store. All of this can easily take up the whole day, or even weeks. Then came fastlane. 

Founded by Felix Krause, fastlane gives you a set of open source command line tools to unify and automate your entire iOS app deployment process, cutting your release time from weeks down to just hours. With 10 tools and 100+ integrations that are free, fastlane connects all these tools into a single and completely streamlined workflow.

Using fastlane, you don’t have to worry about any complicated commands. Just define your “lane”, specifying which tools to run in which order, and fastlane will take care of the rest. Getting started is also incredibly simple: just install the fastlane gem via command-line, and you’re off and running. Used by thousands of developers worldwide, we are ecstatic to include fastlane, a tool that developers love and respect, in the Fabric toolset.

Android deployment that’s completely streamlined

The vision for fastlane has always been to build a cross-platform, continuous deployment and integration tool that saves developers weeks of time in their release process. That’s why we’re excited to introduce fastlane for Android.

Now Android developers have access to the best open source command line tools to unify and automate your entire app deployment process to Google Play. fastlane sits right on top of Gradle and uses it as the build, test and dependency tool of choice, easily fitting into your existing workflow. We couldn’t be more excited to bring the same seamless experience from fastlane for iOS to Android. To learn more, check out Felix’s post.

The future of fastlane is secure

Now that fastlane is part of Fabric, Felix plans on making fastlane even more powerful. But don’t worry — everything in fastlane will still work as expected and will remain open source and completely free. We’re deeply committed to the future of fastlane. We’ve recently released the 1.0 versions of the open source fastlane tools, and we will continue to invest resources into integrating fastlane into the Fabric experience. We can’t wait for you to use it.