Terms of Service

Fabric Subprocessors

Last modified: March 27, 2018

Google uses the following subprocessors to assist them in providing the Answers, Crashlytics and Beta Services (each a "Fabric Service", and described in the relevant Terms of Service):

  1. Accenture, LLP, headquartered in the United States, to provide customer and technical support, which may include phone and email support, response, diagnosis and resolution services, incident tracking, and responding to customer queries.
  2. Firebase, Inc., a Google Group affiliate used to engage personnel and vendors to provide infrastructure, service support, and IT-facility management in connection with the Services (as defined in the the relevant Terms of Service). This includes data center and processing services, and managing the availability, latency, scalability and efficiency of the Services (as defined in the relevant Terms of Service).

Some Fabric Service features integrate with or utilize Google Cloud Platform, whose subprocessors are identified here.